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Our bodies deserve to rest through massage and pampering. Massage is not just luxury, but it is beneficial in improving overall health.

Our  licensed massage therapists provide customized massages aimed at improving circulation, reducing joint pain, muscle soreness, and reducing overall stress and anxiety.

Swedish 60 mins ($90)

Swedish Massage provides pure relaxation. This technique uses light to medium pressure, long broad strokes, circular motions and light kneading towards the heart. It increases blood flow, releases toxins, relaxes the muscles, alleviates stress and improves mood. This is perfect for first time clients or people seeking to relax and boost their immune system.

Trigger Point Therapy 60mins ($100)

Trigger Point Therapy uses a firm sustained pressure to relieve painful "knots" called trigger points . Heavy pressure is used where needed.  The therapist locates the trigger point, presses on it with a firm pressure, and holds it for several seconds. This technique can relieve chronic pain and discomfort. 

Body Massage

Prenatal 60mins( $80)

This treatment is great for pregnant mothers

who are having pain or discomfort being pregnant. You will be comfortable laying on your side with pillows to support  your body.

The Works ***
(combo of all techniques)
90 mins ($150)



This is a well rounded therapy for someone

needing more than relaxation. We mix

all modalities (swedish, MFR, TP and cupping) during the session along with heat therapy. You will enjoy warm moist towels after your foot massage, warm oils during your massage, and pleasant therapeutic aromas. All you need to do is RELAX

Hot Stone 60mins ($100)


This massage helps relieve muscle tension, pain,

reduces stress and promotes sleep. It may help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It also helps with boosting overall immunity

       Lymphatic Massage
60mins ($125) 90mins ($200)


This massage Involves gentle manipulation of specific areas of your body to help drain your lymphatic system. Benefits include decreased swelling, improved blood circulation, and improved immune function.

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